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Building to add value to your home

Building to add value to your home Building to add value to your home

As an experienced builder in Brisbane, we come across a lot of people who are unhappy with their current home. The problem is that as time passes, home owners find that their home no longer suits their family’s needs, so they start to think about moving.

For many people however, they love their current location, because it is near to their work, their family and friends, and also their children’s schools and friends.

They just can’t get past the fact that their home no longer meets their lifestyle needs and so they consider moving to a larger home. The other option of course, is to contact a Brisbane builder and to make changes to your current home, so that it better reflects your changing requirements. This way, you actually increase your home equity and the value of your home.

Some of the reasons that people are dissatisfied with their current home include:

  • You have more children than bedrooms.
  • Your elderly relative is coming to live and you have no room.
  • The internal layout is boxy or awkward and doesn’t flow freely.
  • You want a high tech media room for your entertainment.
  • You desperately need a parent’s retreat or even a teenager’s retreat.
  • It is about time that you had a walk-in wardrobe.
  • The family bathroom no longer works and you want a luxurious ensuite to boot.
  • You want an awesome outside entertainment area with a built-in kitchen and a BBQ.
  • You need to extend the driveway, and build a new garage, extra hobby room or man’s shed.
  • You seriously deserve a brand new gourmet kitchen makeover.

There are lots more reasons why home owners want to renovate their current home and as licenced Brisbane builders we have just about heard every one of them. The point is that increasing the size of your home and redesigning the internal flow, can solve most, if not all of your lifestyle problems and at the same time, increase the value of your home.

Single or double story renovations?

Check with your builder in Brisbane first, but the main reason for building a single story extension is because you already have the room on your property, you just need to build on it. In many cases however, particularly in the inner city suburbs, house plots are quite small and you would be better served by building a second story extension.

This latter option has become very popular in Brisbane over the past few years, either because they like to live close to their work in the city or just because they like city life.

So if you want to add value to your home and you want an experienced, licenced builder in Brisbane, feel to call Michael Ross Builders builders on 041 67 222 90, email us at or complete our online.

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