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Michael Ross Builders – Environmentally friendly builders, Brisbane

At Michael Ross Builders we fully support the Green Building Council in Australia and promote sustainable building practices within our industry. This means that we do our best to include as many sustainable building materials in our projects as possible, giving significant benefits to our clients.

Benefits of sustainable building practices include:

  • Lower operating costs.
  • Reduced household bills.
  • Healthier buildings for work and living.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Reduced waste and pollution.
  • Minimal environmental damage and degradation.
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Significant water efficiency.

At Michael Ross Builders, we promote building materials used from sustainable sources and are happy to incorporate your ideas into the design of your residential or commercial property.

  • Sustainable building practices.
  • Eco-friendly builder.

Michael Ross Builders – sustainable building practices

Many of our clients are extremely interested in exploring sustainable building practices in the design of their home or commercial property. They do this not just to save money, but because they are genuinely interested in saving our planet.

Our sustainable building practices cover the following five essential areas:

  1. Energy efficiency: This includes solar power, photovoltaics and wind turbines. You can easily offset your carbon emissions by using renewable energy and over time, deliver a net carbon benefit to the environment.
  2. Water conservation: Using rainwater and treating greywater, through a variety of different methods buildings can be designed and built to be water-positive, providing clean water to the local environment.
  3. Healthy environments: Buildings built using sustainable green principles have shown to have a positive impact on the health and satisfaction levels of both employees and occupants.
  4. Reduced wastage and pollution: Lower greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable building practices mean that Queensland homes can be built with a minimal impact on the environment.
  5. Flexible living and working spaces: Designing and positioning buildings to take advantage of natural light reduces the need for artificial light and supplemental heating and cooling.

If you are interested in building an energy efficient green home, then you need an eco-friendly builder on your team. So call us at Michael Ross Builders and we can join together to give you an energy efficient home or a commercial building, which will future proof your assets and help to save the planet.

Michael Ross Builders – eco-friendly builder

If you are searching for environmentally friendly builders in Brisbane who use sustainable building materials and recycled building materials, call Michael Ross Builders on 0416 722 290, email us on or complete our online enquiry form.

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