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Michael Ross Builders - House extension builder in Brisbane

At Michael Ross Builders, one of our specialities is building home extensions in Brisbane. Many of our clients love their current home and don’t want to move from their existing location. After all, they may be close to all of their friends and relatives, it’s easy to travel to work and they love their location.

The problem is that their home no longer suits their lifestyle, which is why they want to move. If you love your location however, the best option is to build an extension, so you can create the life you want in your current location.

There are many other reasons for home extensions in Brisbane, including:

  • Starting a family.
  • Another baby is on the way and you don’t have enough bedrooms.
  • Your elderly relative is moving in with you.
  • Your home is simply too small and poorly designed.
  • Your home no longer reflects your current lifestyle.

It is amazing, but the costs involved in selling and buying another home (including stamp duty), as well as the moving costs, can easily add up to the total cost of an extension. So if you don’t want to move, but you want more room or a better design to your internal spaces – you need a builder in Brisbane who specialises in extensions.

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Extensions and renovations, Brisbane

The strategy you chose to extend your home, depends on your reasons for building an extension, the architecture of your current home and the size, shape and gradient of your block.

Single story extensions (building out)

Building out and adding an extra room is one of the most popular ways to extend your living space, because you can add an extra bedroom, a parent’s retreat, enlarge your kitchen or living areas and even build a large rumpus room, hobby area or media entertainment space.

You just need to make sure that you have sufficient room on your plot to extend horizontally and put some thought into how the extension will affect the internal flow of your home.

Double story extensions (building up)

If you are short on space in your home and you have a small block, then a double or even triple story extension is your best bet. Building up, when you need more room is a great way to increase the equity in your home and capitalise on your location.

Obviously, if you extend upwards, the internal flow of your current home will be altered to make way for new internal stairs. You don’t need to worry however, because we can redesign your internal flow to accommodate the new stairs.

Lift and build under your home (building down)

Another option for Queensland homes, on both small and large blocks, is to lift and build under your home. This can only be accomplished if your home is already on stumps, but so long as your home is not built on concrete foundations, we can lift and restump your home.

This gives you enough height to be within code and then we can then build whatever type of room you need under your home. You can add additional bedrooms, a media entertainment area, hobby room, sports room, laundry and wet rooms, and the list is endless.

Michael Ross Builders – the best home extension builders in Brisbane

If you are searching for an experienced home extension builder in Brisbane, call Michael Ross Builders on 0416 722 290, email us on or complete our online enquiry form.


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